"Us & Them" Project. 2015 to Present.

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The “Us & Them” project by Wayne Martin Belger is a museum-based Camera and Photo Installation that focuses on the fictitious “us” and “them” that governments and the “powerful” create and use as a tool to dehumanize, divide, dominate and at times exterminate a select group of humans.
The first photoshoots for the “Us & Them” project took place in November 2015 on the Greek Island of Lesbos in the Kara Tepe Syrian Refugee Camp. After that the camera project traveled to the Palestinian Territories to meet, connect with, and photograph Palestinian families living in the West Bank. Then spent two months in Standing Rock North Dakota with the Sioux Water Protectors and they protested a pipeline going through their ancestral lands. And then recently visited all five of the Zapatista rebel compounds deep in the jungles of Chiapas Mexico as they face a country-altering election.
For the last four years Wayne Martin Belger with the “Us & Them” camera has traveled the world to connect with like humans “Us”, forced into inhumane situations. And he will continue traveling to places with injustice, war and persecution to bring awareness to the myth of Us and Them.
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