"Modern Industry" Project. 2011 - Present

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"If a man has wealth, he has to make a choice, because there is the money heaping up. He can keep it together in a bunch, and then leave it for others to administer after he is dead. Or he can get it into action and have fun, while he is still alive. I prefer getting it into action and adapting it to human needs, and making the plan work." George Eastman.
Early industry leaders knew the health of the companies they created relied on health and happiness of their employees. George Eastman, the founder of Eastman Kodak, started some of the first social programs in the U.S. Employees at Kodak received medical, dental, hearing and vision benefits along with access to schools and the arts. It was common for employees at Kodak to spend their lifetime, proudly working at Kodak.
Industry leaders today go from company to company to follow the greatest financial compensation, and employees are expendable pawns.
The "Modern Industry" Project focuses on the shifts of industry motivational standards over the last hundred years.
The "Modern Industry" camera is a 8"x10" film camera with artifacts in the camera that relate to the subjects of corporate health and corporate greed.
"Modern Industry" installation is currently on exhibit at ArtisanWorks in Rochester NY.
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