"Deer" Camera Project. 2010 - Present

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I was having a day with my daughter in Tucson Arizona when someone I met at a coffee shop said to me "if your daughter likes animals, she will love the International Wildlife Museum." I thought “Great, let go see some animals.”. The Wildlife Museum didn't have any living animals in it. What it did have was hundreds of taxidermy animals from all over the world. The museum is actually owned by an exotic big game hunting organization called Safari Club International. Walking through the museum, I started wondering what my two year old daughter was thinking. Was she wondering why the animals weren't moving and why a lot of the animals only has their heads with no bodies. I was imagining how strange it would be to be a from a different planet looking down at all these creatures on earth and seeing one group of creatures killing all the other creatures, taking off their heads and mounting them on a wall. Why is that not strange to many of us here on this planet? I was also wondering how much this will cost me in Tara’s therapy bills in the future. One positive outcome from our Wildlife Museum visit was that it created a desire to learn more about mans need to to dominate and kill something beautiful and then display their dominance for all to see. What part of humanity does that action feed? I created the "Deer" camera project to study the human specific trate of elitist separation from nature and the need to dominate it.
The "Deer" camera is a deer’s eye view of the natural world we live in, seen thought the antlers of a deer that died a long time ago. All the images shot with this camera will be of creatures that inhabit the earth but are no longer living do to the desires of man.

Photo plan:
With the "Deer" camera, I plan on photographing 30 different animals (including man) that were killed be man. All photos from the camera are framed by the antlers. Right after the animal dies, I will reanimate the animal with 1800’s meat hooks and chain. The shots will be in color with creative lighting on the animal and the forest. All the photos are framed by the antlers that are mounted in the front of the camera.

The "Deer" camera/photo installation is currently on exhibit at ArtisanWorks in Rochester NY.
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